The Kerby Experience

Who We Are

Kerbside Gourmet Pte Ltd is Asia’s first social enterprise gourmet food truck. “Kerby”, as the truck is affectionately nicknamed, hit the streets in 2013 with soul food, catering to the discerning individuals who seek an alternative, sublime dining experience.

About Kerby

Kerby is an environmentally-friendly Toyota Hino hybrid truck, fully equipped as a professional, mobile kitchen.
It is an NEA-certified (National Environment Agency) kitchen and has served well many renowned chefs who have come on board. It is also self-sufficient in power and water supply. Being nomadic, it has no fixed location or operating hours. Fans track the truck on its social media pages.

Drive Change

Hunger is Solvable in Singapore and we are motivated by Mother Teresa who said: “If you can’t feed a thousand, feed a hundred. If you can’t feed a hundred, feed 10.”

Social Vision

We are modelled on a BAMGAM (Buy A Meal Give A Meal) basis. For every main meal sold, we give one to needy families. We aim to do this on a quarterly basis working with Volunteer Welfare Organisations like Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) and South Central Community Family Service Centre. We also collaborate with Grand Hyatt Singapore to deliver food to our beneficiary families.

Eat Well

Low Carbohydrate and Minimal Sugar; No MSG, Additives, Preservatives. We believe in sustainability and supporting fresh, local produce.

Our Philosophy

It started with our love for fresh produce, and real, wholesome food. Cooked simply, slowly, and packed full of goodness. Served with healthy lashings of green. Void of MSG, additives and preservatives. We continue to stand against highly processed food.

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Call (+65) 9298 4888 for a Kerby Experience


Track The Truck

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Kerby Service

We are available for the following services. Please note we are not a halal-certified kitchen.

  1. Brand Activation
  2. Onsite Catering
  3. Street Vending